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Dave O'Leary at the George and Dragon
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Dave O'Leary - Author

Second novel, The Music Book, coming in October 2014.

"With a pen and a notebook, I push forward into the unknown, into something I’d never imagined doing, just listening, just being in the audience, taking notes on the sounds of the E chords played by others and passing a kind of judgment on them. It’s an unforeseen turn in this life, but one thing I’ve always known is that the greatest things often come from such, and I wonder in these moments, first beer half finished, if the word that truly applies is serendipity, and if so, what will I find?"

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  • Horse Bite Cover
  • First novel, Horse Bite, fall 2011.

    "This is a great book, full of brutal honesty and an openness rarely found. While on the surface about relationships and the fragile ticking of one's own heart, Horse Bite goes even deeper, plucking a chord that we can all relate to. I recommend this book heartily."—Kim Kircher, author of The Next 15 Minutes: Strength from the Top of the Mountain

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