Second book finished

NEWS: I've finally finished the first draft of my second book, working title, The Music Book. This one will use music as a backdrop for a story about fear, loss, love, and the power of music. Specifically, the music will be largely local, music that I wrote about while still writing for Seattle Subsonic. Some of the Seattle bands mentioned are Sightseer, Furniture Girls, Like Lightning, the Young Evils, Star Anna, Julia Massey and the Five-Finger Discount, and the Missionary Position.

A brief passage from the book:

I know from all my years playing in bands that often the best music is the local stuff, the bands that can only be heard in the small clubs around the city, the bands desperately trying to make it much as I had been with Third Stone, the bands that most likely will soon never be heard again, and so here I am contacting musicians and managers and clubs. They put me on the guest lists, sometimes even give me a permanent spot on such, and with a pen and a notebook I push forward into the unknown, into something I’d never imagined doing, just listening, just being in the audience, taking notes on the sounds of the E chords played by others and passing a kind of judgment on them. It’s an unforeseen and unlooked for turn in this life, but one thing I’ve always known is that the greatest things often come from such, and I wonder in these moments, first beer half finished, if the word that truly applies is serendipity, and if so, what it is that I will find.

Condoms On Christmas

NEWS: My new short story was published by Seattle Literary Mag, The Monarch Review. Check it out. It's a holiday story of sorts: Condoms On Christmas

Horse Bite

A novel by Dave O'Leary

"All it takes to settle the soul sometimes is the length of one song ... or poem."

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Excerpts from the book: one -- two

Finally, the book is in Elliott Bay Bookstore here in Seattle! Also, it's back in stock on Amazon, but lately has been selling a bit more on Barnes & Noble's website. Thanks to those who have bought it.

Elliott Bay Bookstore (in stock now!) --- Horse Bite on Barnes & Noble --- Horse Bite on Amazon

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Horse Bite

Horse Bite is the story of Dave and his efforts to find a bit of permanence in the balance of the things we create and the things we do to sustain ourselves. His journey jumps between morning pit stops in the ubiquitous coffee shops of Seattle and the evenings of beers and bartenders and music clubs where some bedrooms are longed for, some found. Everything slips away, though, until he meets elusive Yvonne who brings the realization from past and present that things "do end ... so we write books and songs and poems. It is the only way to make love eternal." At its core, Dave’s tale is one of monster G chords, poetry, booze, goodbyes, and the chance at that which matters most of all, the heart of a woman.

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